November 5, 2023 Annual Meeting, voting for the Photo Contest will be online from 12:01 AM November 10th through 11:59 PM November 14th.


  • Balloons one or many, in the air or on the ground; inflated, deflated, any way you like them.
  • People that means pilots, crew, spectators, passengers, landowners; anyone you catch enjoying the ballooning experience.
  • Clever Caption 1 (balloons only) here’s a chance to take what might seem like an ordinary photo and add a caption that will bring a smile.
  • Clever Caption 2 (people only or people and balloons) same premise as above; add a caption that makes us laugh.

Rules (Revised November 2023)

  1. Photos should be sent to Kenny Adamsbaum ( AND Robin Smith ( Sending them to both of us ensures that we receive them! It is preferred you submit digital photos, but you may bring printed photos to the GEBA meeting and we will scan them. IT IS PREFERRED YOU SUBMIT DIGITAL PHOTOS,  or bring printed photos at the meeting.
  2. Photos should be submitted between 12:01 AM Oct 21st to 11:59 PM Nov 5th. Entries received after that date will not be accepted.
  3. You can submit two photos per category for a total of eight per Active GEBA Member:
    *Clever Captions I – Balloons
    *Clever Captions II – People.
  4. Photo Contest voting will be done online again. Date rage for entered photos is from Nov. 1st 2022 to Oct. 31st 2023.
  5. Remember: Each photo submitted must be taken and owned by the submitting active GEBA member. You cannot use other people’s photos as your entry even with their permission.
  6. In your submission email, please make sure the following is clearly identified:
    *Which file belongs to which category.
    *For submission in the clever captions categories, you must provide the captions in your email. You do NOT need to add them to the photo. The photo committee will do that for you.
    *For example: Attached are my photos for the contest. Photo #1 (File Name:) should be entered in the Clever Captions I – Balloons category. The caption should read “Having Fun with my GEBA friends!”.
  7. Photos should be submitted in JPEG form and should not exceed 3MB.
  8. The date(s) for voting will be given at a later date along with a link to the voting form online. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to Kenny Adamsbaum or Robin Smith. Thank you.

he following gallery is from November 2022 Photo Contest Winners
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The following gallery is from November 2021 Photo Contest Winners
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