Photo Contest

2019 Photo Contest Winners:

1st – Donald Hoy
2nd – Marie Dicks
3rd – Ken Myers

1st – Matt Lidinski
2nd – Gene Burnstein
3rd – Ken Myers

Clever Captions 1 (Balloons)
1st – Ron Docalavich
2nd – Karen Docalavich
3rd – Dorothy Gergely

Clever Captions 2 (People)
1st – Robin Smith
2nd – Lani Diemicke
3rd – Donald Hoy


Ready, Set, Vote

If it’s November, it must be time for the annual photo contest. So refresh your memory about the categories and rules, and bring them to the meeting on the first Sunday in November for all of us to admire.



  • Balloons one or many, in the air or on the ground; inflated, deflated, any way you like them.
  • People that means pilots, crew, spectators, passengers, landowners; anyone you catch enjoying the ballooning experience.
  • Clever Caption 1 (balloons only) here’s a chance to take what might seem like an ordinary photo and add a caption that will bring a smile.
  • Clever Caption 2 (people only or people and balloons) same premise as above; add a caption that makes us laugh.


  1. Photos must be taken by a GEBA member.
  2. Photos taken between day of Fall meeting of previous year to day before Fall meeting of current year are eligible.
  3. Entries can be no larger than 5×7, with no matting, borders or frames. If your picture is a winner, you MUST have a digital file of photo to submit for use on the website in order for it to be on the website.
  4. Each person may enter 2 photos per category, for a maximum of 8 photos.
  5. On the back of each photo, write your name and the category you’re entering.
  6. Captions must be attached to the photo, facing front, or digitally added to the print, so they can be read when the entries are displayed for judging.
  7. Entries will be displayed at the November meeting, where GEBA members will vote for their favorites. Winners will be announced at the awards dinner.