Promoting Public Interest

GEBA acts as a conduit for obtaining and disseminating information about ballooning to the general public. This is accomplished through this web site, the newsletter, mailings, and participation in numerous events.

Improving Communication Between Aeronauts and Enthusiasts

Through the work of the Newsletter Committee, we continue to disseminate information among GEBA’s ballooning community via the Skywriter. This web site is part of our efforts to increase the scope of those communications. Each GEBA member receives our annual membership directory, which lists the current association membership. The publication is useful in supporting communication between members.


The Social Committee plans several events each year to give GEBA members the opportunity to meet and enjoy each others’ company.


The Competition Committee encourages friendly (flying skill) contests and records the results for annual association recognition.

Promoting Safety

Improving safety is our number one goal. GEBA runs an annual safety seminar. This event follows the Balloon Federation of America’s suggested format. It provides pilots and crew with essential information that is used to improve the safety aspects of ballooning. Safety is also addressed through a variety of other classes, demonstrations, and the work of the Festival Relations Committee.

Establishing Rapport with the Public

The Landowner Relations Committee works with the local community through various programs to educate and communicate information about ballooning. One highly-successful effort of this committee is the Landowner Response Card project.