GEBA is managed by a Board of Directors. Elections for the Board are held in November. Functional Areas (Committees) are managed by individual Chairpersons, reporting to a Board Liaison. General Membership Meetings are held three times per year, at various locations so as to spread travel time for the Membership. Prospective Members are encouraged and welcome to attend the General Membership Meetings to learn about the activities of GEBA and ballooning.

Tony Saxton
John Piper
Robin Smith
Emelia Bernava
Lani Diemicke
Karen Ivanyo
Michael Depew


Term Ends – November of Year
JohnPiper 2024
Michael Depew 2024
Lani Diemicke 2022
Karen Ivanyo 2022
Tony Saxton 2022
Emelia Bernava 2023
Robin Smith 2023


Committee Chairperson Board Liaison
Competition Bob Mueller John Piper
Crew Achievement William Miller Lani Diemicke
Education Kevan Williams Emelia Bernava
Social Media Lani Diemicke Karen Ivanyo
Festival Relations Michael DePew
Good & Welfare Robin Smith Tony Saxton
Landowner Relations
Landowner & Mapping
Karen Bowker
Karen BowkerKeith Sproul
Michael DePew
Michael DePew
Membership Joe DeLucia 
John Strauss
Karen Bowker
Robin Smith
Newsletter Lani Diemicke (interim) Karen Ivanyo
Photo Contest Kenny Adamsbaum Karen Ivanyo
Products Meghan Marconi Robin Smith
Safety Seminar Tony Saxton – Co-Chair
Dawn Chase – Co-Chair
Michael DePew
Social Janet Leota – Co-Chair
Fern Katzman Lackowitz – Co-Chair
Meghan Marconi – Co-Chair
John Piper
Website Hélène Viens Emelia Bernava