Torok Award

Nominations due December 31, 2023

Ted Torok was a friend of yours whether or not you actually knew him, because Ted was a friend of
ballooning. As a charter member of the Great Eastern Balloon Association, Ted was influential in the
success GEBA enjoyed in its early years. Ted was an officer and hard worker for the association. Ted,
together with Jacques Soukup, wrote the by-laws of GEBA. He was a husband, father, grandfather, PAD
engineer, certified dog show judge, expert wine maker, and nationally ranked in the Masons.

Ted had definite ideas of what ballooning and balloonists should be like. It wasn’t necessary to believe
exactly what he believed to know his motivation was to benefit ballooning. If it was good for ballooning,
Ted was for it. If it was bad for ballooning he was clear in his objection. Although his time with GEBA was
short, he had a profound influence on the character and goals of the club.

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Description of the Torok Award: This award will be presented to a member of GEBA who best exemplifies the true meaning of sportsmanship and has made a positive contribution to the sport of ballooning. Nominations will be accepted in writing from any member and will be selected by the five previous winners of the award. This award will be presented at the annual awards dinner.

For instructions on how to nominate someone for the Torok Sportsmanship Award, or any other award, please see the Recognition main page.

Winner of Ted Torok Sportmanship Award for 2023:

John Piper

Past Winners:

2022 – RJ Letrent
2020 – Joyce Lang
2019 – Jenn Goldbloom
2018 – Tony Saxton
2017 – Barb Magnano
2016 – Bob Sparks
2015 – Robin Larkin
2014 – Fred Grotenhuis and Giulia Lannitelli
2013 – Rich and Emelia Bernava
2012 – Gene Burnstein
2011 – Dick & Mary Beth Young
2010 – Bob Mueller
2009 – Uli Krahenbuhl
2008 – David & Sue Lee
2007 – Jack Edling
2006 – John Coulahan
2005 – Rodger Kell
2004 – Mike Fairbanks
2003 – Bert Padelt
2002 – Keith Standly Jr
2001 – Jim Doerer
2000 – Ken Leota
1999 – Al Dashevsky
1998 – Dave & Evelyn Tryon
1997 – Joe Doerer
1996 – Johann Schneider
1995 – Dean Maurer
1994 – Sue Brown
1993 – Bob Dicks
1992 – W. Barry Nixon
1991 – Marie Dicks
1990 – Doug Lane
1989 – Dave Wilsey
1988 – Chris Mooney