Festival Relations

Festival Relations

Liaison: Mike DePew


Our Festival Relations Committee is working on several projects to help understand facts and address issues. The committee was formed in response to a request to determine what makes an event attractive to balloonists. Our primary concern is safety, but we look at other aspects as well. We have put together a survey project to gather data from our members who fly or crew at various festivals. Once we have all the facts, we compose a letter to the organizer spelling out our findings. Following the ensuing dialogue, we produce a summary sheet.

Pilot and Crew Survey Forms

There are forms for both pilots and crew to complete. Please fill out one form per festival. The purpose of these surveys is to present festival organizers with ideas for improvements to their festival. This information will remain anonymous. Your name will not be released.


Pilot Survey CLICK HERE
Crew Survey (available soon)

Sample Festival Relations Summary Sheet
(No Sheets available)