GEBA hosts a number of events throughout the year. These range from social events, educational opportunities and meetings to impromptu competitions. Additional events of interest to the club are added all the time. Check back regularly for information and updates on upcoming and new events.


Awards Dinner

The Awards Dinner Dance is held during the winter. GEBA members gather for an evening of dining and dancing. Achievements from the previous year are recognized. The gala event is usually themed and always fun. The 2018 Awards Program will take place at the February General Membership Meeting.


CPR/First Aid

GEBA periodically offers certification in CPR and First Aid to members and non-members. The class is usually held in the spring in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.


General Membership Meetings

Meetings are held three times per year, at various locations so as to spread travel time for the membership. Prospective members are encouraged (and welcome) to attend to learn about the activities of GEBA and ballooning. Lunch is provided by the club. Members bring appetizers and desserts to share. The program usually contains an informative and entertaining presentation.



Members, family and friends gather at least once a year for a fun-filled afternoon followed by an evening fly-out.


Continuing Education Seminar

Members and non-members from across the country converge in March for a day of classes and workshops dealing with safety. GEBA’s Continuing Education Seminar (formerly known as the GEBA Safety Seminar) is one of the premier events of its kind and is sanctioned by the Balloon Federation of America.



Many festivals feature competitions, but these organized, skill-building events can take place anywhere at any time. The only prerequisite is a minimum number of GEBA pilots. competition involves flying in different types of events throughout the season, which is November 16th through November 15th. Points are awarded for each event/task completed. Members are notified via e-mail about upcoming events. Contact the Competition Committee Chair if you would like to be included.


GEBA Crew Training Day

The next GEBA Crew Training Day is tentatively slated for 2018. Details will follow.