Decker Crew Award

The Dan Decker Crew Achievement Award is typically presented to a number of GEBA crew members yearly, allowing them to attend the next scheduled GEBA Continuing Education Seminar at no cost. Because many couples work as a team, we do recognize them as such. The award is presented in honor of past GEBA member Dan Decker.

Dan Decker was very involved with GEBA in the early years, and was the president at the time of his death in 1990. He was the one that suggested we have seven board members instead of six, so if anything came up for a vote, there would never be a tie. He was instrumental in many of the legal issues that GEBA was involved in, and wrote the position paper on behalf of the club when the anti-ballooning bill was introduced into the NJ Senate. That position paper has been used around the country to help fight other anti-ballooning legislation. He was also working on projects for the BFA at the time of his death. One of his primary goals was to promote proper treatment of landowners and foster a better understanding of ballooning. He was the consummate volunteer — hard working, thorough, and dependable.

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Winner of the Dan Decker Crew Achievement Award for 2019: Karen Ivanyo